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Mamaw's Recipe Baked Goods®

Our Flavor Heritage: A Legacy of Love

Sewn together by the knowledge and experiences passed down through generations of women, the Mamaw's Recipe Baked Goods' story is one of family, legacy, and love. 

At Mamaw's Recipe Baked Goods, our story is as rich and delicious as our baked goods. It all started with our great-great-grandmother, Clara, who made the best biscuits in the South without even measuring. Her legacy lives on through Mamaw's Recipe Baked Goods, where we continue to create cherished recipes passed down through generations of women.

Our baked goods are made with love and the finest ingredients, just like Laura's great-grandmother Darlene, who was known for her cooking and her signature Kentucky bourbon twist on classic recipes. Darlene raised her children, including Laura, on a farm in Kentucky where they grew ingredients and raised farm animals, creating cherished family recipes.

Laura's earliest food memories include making griddle cakes with her grandparents and watching Mamaw and her mother, Melissa, sift, whisk, and frost Southern desserts. Tiffany grew up watching her family cook and bake together, passing down the expression of love through generations.

At Mamaw's Recipe Baked Goods, we offer a variety of baked goods, all made with the same love and care that our ancestors did. Join us on a journey through time and taste and experience our flavor heritage for yourself.


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